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The land of dreams and potential, the U.S. presents students from across the world with high-quality educational opportunities. The U.S. has monopolized the interest of most research applicants abroad, whether for the standard of education or the job opportunities after graduation. Let’s take a closer look at the most famous country in the world for higher education.

The USA, with programs spanning all disciplines, is one of the world’s largest and best education networks. All the certificates earned by US universities are known for their academic achievements worldwide.
Great college options and research colleges committed to higher education and research are provided by the USA.
It’s the global leader in creativity in technology. It is home to the most prestigious colleges in the IVY League.

Nearly about 600,000 students from all over the world studied at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the United States every year. It goes without mentioning that America delivers post-secondary education of very high standard. In the United States, there are more than 4,000 public and private schools, universities, and community colleges, with over 600 four-year public colleges and universities, and more than 1,650 four-year private colleges and universities. Close to 15 million students study in these traditional schools. Moreover, advanced vocational and technical instruction is provided by over 6,000 non-collegiate post-secondary institutions.

The USA, because of its cultural experience, is also one of the top destinations for foreign students. The multicultural culture encourages them to develop relationships with people from around the world. Most universities have an opportunity to take up internships to kickstart the future career of the student. During college, the internships help them obtain hands-on experience that can further assist them to gain jobs after graduation.
For foreign students, the USA provides strong financial aid and scholarships.

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    Why Study in USA From Nepal?

    For several factors, U.S. colleges and universities are desirable to foreign students. The surveys say that about 600,000 foreign students are actively earning their degrees in U.S. higher education. The top reasons why Nepalese students choose U.S. colleges and universities are as follows:

    • Excellent Academics
    • High Quality Research
    • Flexibility in Course Curriculum Offerings
    • Financial Assistance
    • On-Campus Work Opportunities
    • Internships
    • Job Opportunities / Professional Training
    • International Student Affairs Offices
    • Cultural Exchange
    • Value

    Choosing the Right Program

    How do you know what program/ university is right for you? Reading our “Courses” section should give you a good understanding of what you need to think about so you can make the right choice.

    Living In USA

    • Tradition & Culture: Although the culture of the USA is of Western origin, an ethnic spirit such as the Native Americans, Africans, Asians, Pacific Islands, and Latin Americans also affect it. The USA has developed its own social and cultural features over time. They have an ethnically and culturally mixed community because of this wide scale influx of immigrants from diverse countries to the USA.
    • Food: Being one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations, its distinct flavors have been created. Europeans and native Americans are strongly influenced by American cuisine. The most famous ones are The Hamburger and Apple Pie. We do not only find any cuisine from any culture, we also discover a synthesis of their culinary styles.
    • Safety: The USA is one of the most friendly and secure nations with high living standards. Universities are based on keeping their students safe round the clock. US colleges are now ranked among the highest in the world for the introduction of successful on-campus protection initiatives.
    • Health: Most of the best in the world is the American healthcare system. In the USA, several campuses provide general medical services and have resident physicians as well. The cost of delivering medical care on campus is not that high. During their study time in the US, all students need to have approved health insurance.
    • Transportation: USA has diversified transportation facility for its people ranging from metro to air transportation.
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    Amit Thapa Magar

    Swastik Hub helps you find a university that is a perfect match for your profile. All of them are very friendly and they made me motivated until I got Visa.

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    I have had the best experience with Swastik Hub. I would like to thank them for their effort to have proper counseling, documentation, and many more.

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    I always thank the professional team of Swastik Hub for helping me secure my student visa in no time at all. The consulting and client services they offer are effective and exceptional.

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    With you and your organization Swastik Hub, I have had a very encouraging, welcoming, and helpful experience. You and your organization were very supportive and readily available right from the submission before visa acceptance. This is the only reason why I have ever recommended you to my colleagues, and I trust that you can continue with your praiseworthy service.

    Anisha Shrestha
    Master of Information and Communications Technology, USC

    I would like to say thanks to Swastik Hub. I am grateful and thankful to Swastik Hub Educational Consultancy for helping me throughout my application process. I would like to recommend Swastik Hub as one of the best and perfect abroad study consultancy that you are really looking for.

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